Terms and Conditions


These conditions apply to purchases through the website (www.starblinds.ie). Changes of the Terms and Conditions will only be acknowledged in a document signed by one of our directors. Omissions or errors on the website issued by us may be corrected by us only without any liability. By using this website or ordering on the website, you are accepting the terms and conditions outlined below.

The provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are expressly excluded from the Contract so that no third party may claim any rights under this contract.


When Ordering Our Products

Contract of purchase will be considered final upon receipt of order confirmation and payment received in full.
We regret to inform you that we don’t deliver orders outside of Ireland.

Placing your order means you have read the Child Safety page and you have understood the child safety options for our products.

We do not consider refunds or return of the products were wrong measurements have been provided by the buyer. The goods are created based on the measurements provided by you, thus it is important that the measurement you provide us is accurate.

Where a buyer  has  realised they have  made mistakes with their order,  contact must be made within 24 hours to our office on 01- 8788893 as alterations may not be possible after this. However, once the order has been put into production no cancellations or changes can be accepted.

Delivery of the Goods

We will deliver the product to the address noted in the Order.
The time and date of delivery expressed in the order are only an estimation. Starblinds shall not be liable were goods are delayed in transport due to circumstances beyond our control.


Safety devices that are supplied or fitted if removed may adversely affect the operation of the window draw blind and protect

from strangulation. All window blinds /child safety devices supplied or fitted by Clearview Blinds Ltd conform to Standards

EN16434:2014, EN 16433:2014, EN 13120:2009+A12014.


In these conditions the “Seller” means Clearview Blinds Ltd t/a Star Blinds.

The Buyer means the immediate purchaser of any Goods. The “stated price” means the agreed price stated in contract of sale to which these

conditions apply at the time such contract came into effect. Goods means goods sold under a contract of sale to which these conditions apply.


(a) Notwithstanding that the Buyer obtains possession of the Goods both legal and equitable title therefore will remain the until the seller has

received payment from the buyer of the contract price with full with all VAT the on and all other monies that may or become due from the

buyer to the Seller in relation thereto. Until such time the Buyer shall hold the goods as bailees in a fiduciary capacity for the Seller and the

Seller shall be entitle to require the Buyer to deliver such goods or any of them to it on demand and enter the Buyers premises for the

purpose of collecting them (to include), without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the dismantling of any item into which such goods

have been incorporated) and the buyer shall be the Sellers costs and expenses in connection with so doing. The buyer may however, subject

to (b) below, sell such Goods by way of sale in ordinary course of its business on its standard terms and conditions by way of sale as

principle(not as agent) but that sale will constitute a sale to the buyer of the Sellers property and accordingly the Buyer will account to the

Seller for the proceeds of sale up to the total amount outstanding on respectoods and pending such accounting will hold the same on trust to

the Seller

(b) The Buyer’s Licence contained in (a) above shall terminate automatically and without notice upon the Buyer being in breach of any of the

items hereof being adjusted bankrupt or having a received appointed of all or any part of or any part of its property or suffering the

presentation of winding up petition or passing a resolution for its winding-up or being in arrears for with any sum due from it hereunder or, in

the opinion of the seller being unable to pay its debts. In the event the seller may (without prejudice to any other rights of remedies available

to it) with out notice terminate all or any part of the contact or suspend or cancel deliveries there under and shall have a general lien on all the

Buyers property then on the sellers possession (whether as a consignee or otherwise) in respect or any sums which may be owing by the

Buyer to the Seller shall be entitled to dispose of same apply the proceeds towards satisfaction of such item.


Children have been strangled by loops in pull cords, chains and tapes that operate the product to avoid entanglement keep

cords/chains out of the reach of children. Never place cots or beds where chains can be easy accessible.

Please note: Use of safety devices reduce the risk of strangulation but cannot be considered fool proof.


The seller (Clearview Blinds t/a Star Blinds) shall not be liable to the buyer or any other person claiming through the Buyer for the damage to

any of the Buyer’s property in the possession of the seller (whether as consignee or otherwise) or for any injury or damage caused to any

person by such property by reason of any cause beyond the reasonable control of the Seller at any time. The manufacturer can not be held

responsible for any misuse of the product or if the operating instruction and safety instructions are not adhered to. Persons in charge of

children are ultimately responsible for following the safety instructions provided.