What are Vienna Shutters?

At Starblinds  our Vienna range is our  our moisture and heat resistance  PVC shutter. This is  ideal for windows  located in high moisture areas such as  wet rooms  or windows situated where there is going to be a lot of steam or water. Extremely durable and easily maintained. This is the shutter for the window were you thought it wasn’t possible.

What you should Know

The Vienna  shutter is made of ABS plastic, which is a complete polymer PVC  therefore completely waterproof, this gives the advantage of being able to use this particular shutter where a window is situated in a wet room or shower enclosure. Where you can be confident of no warping and toiletries  chemicals and splashes  can be easily wiped clean.

While  Vienna  has a select range of  colours , for the most part this would be the same as our Classic range ,therefore enabling you to match up with our most popular colours.Although not all frames  types available in this ,the louvre sizes are all available, therefore visually matching other shutters in the house.