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What are my options when choosing a Shutter?

While Shutters are the most versatile of all window dressings, the limitations to these are only determined by the window itself. While some windows will have a complete single full-height glass panel other windows may have a breakpoint or an opening. Shutters can be made to suit. If light control is what’s required we have a range of five louvres to suit, starting at 47mm, 63mm,76mm,89mm to our largest of 114mm. The simple rule of thumb with these sizes is for the most privacy while shutters are open the smaller the louvre, for the most light penetration to the room when the shutter is opened the larger the louvre required. Aesthetics play a large part in your selection for the overall design, this can be as simple as choosing the hinge colour for a frame design no matter what the window there’s a Shutter for you. 

There are two basic operations for the opening and closing of Shutters, tilt rod and hidden tilt. Both of these options can be done as split tilt which means opening and closing of different sections of the Shutter without the necessity of mid rail. This is ideal for full height when light control and privacy go hand in hand, an example for this would be to have the bottom section closed or tilted  to nearly fully closed while  the top half is fully opened while allowing light in to the room. The tilt rod option can be done with the tilt rod central or can be off set to either side making it less visible. However with a split option this means a break in the tilt rod. The hidden tilt option means the controls are hidden inside the frame, this also means with the split option there is no noticeable difference till one louvre closed. The movement of this option is simply done by moving one louvre and all other follows. Either option is personal style and choice.

Shutters can be done in different variations, the most common of these would be Full Height with a bi-fold door depending on window size, this may also require a mid rail for larger height with a split tilt option. This means each door is a single panel to the full height of the window. Tier On Tier  this means its two independent sets of doors mounted on top  of each other making it possible to fold back the top section from the window while leaving the bottom section closed over. Another variation of this is Café Style, this is where only the bottom section of the window is covered with a shutter. Other Options available for Shutters would be for those unusual windows were you question is it  possible, these would  be shaped or larger windows. For larger windows is  possible to mount the shutter on a tracked system, this allows for the shutter  to have the weight evenly disbursed rather than concentrated on a single point and also  allowing for more panels to cover a larger area. As shaped featured  windows are becoming more common, the simplest and most effective way to dress  these is with one of our shaped window shutter made to match the window design there by not losing the feature of the shape

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