Perfect Fit Shutters

Shutters for those windows you thought not possible!!

We are delighted to introduce to you our latest innovation in Shutters. PERFECT FIT SHUTTERS LITE is an innovative design in Shutters that finally addresses the issue of Tilt & turn windows and inward opening doors & windows and also French doors. The design allows the shutter to be attached to the window at the gasket seal of the glass allowing the shutter to move with the window/door. No need for screws or drilling, these shutters are 100% waterproof and easily cleaned. Are they Expensive ?, NO! is the simple answer cost-effective, unintrusive, and with the benefit of leaving no holes or damage to window or door frames. With prices comparable to that of good quality Venetian blinds.

How do these differ from other Shutters?

Unlike most other shutters these can be easily removed for cleaning or decorating. The Perfect Fit Lite Shutter has no outer frame as with normal shutters therefore this reduces the weight considerably when attached to the window/door thus reducing wear and tear on hinges and mechanisms and as we said above no screws or damage to the window frame.

What you should Know

While being our affordable range this does not compromise on the quality or looks while still achieving  what a tailored finish bespoke shutter should provide. 

With shutters being the most versatile of window dressings , shutters can be used on almost all windows with very few limitations while enhancing the natural beauty of any room or home, whether its a simple finish to your living room or bedroom window or shaped finish to your featured window shutters have it all.

While Classic shutters are aesthetically  the same the materials do have limitations such as colour restrictions , cannot be shaped , panel width restrictions and can only be done as a b- fold option and not mult-fold option for doors.

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