Introducing the way forward in window Shutter dressing, Affordable, Decorative, and Durable all at the same time.

Why Urban Shutters?

Conventional thinking would be that Shutters should be made of wood!

Thanks to a one-of-a-kind manufacturing process these are designed with the Ultra Strong polysilk vinyl, which not only makes them durable for today’s hectic lifestyles but offers that value for money that no other Shutter can. The Urban Shutter provides installation and privacy for any home while also elevating any room aesthetic. Our Cotton White and Artic White colours are both subtle and modern and blend with the shading of any room decor and accessories.

All this while still being Environmentally Friendly-Yes you read that’s right Environmentally Friendly. They meet all regulations relating to the emission of organic compounds and are 100% recyclable.

With a variety of frames, louvers sizes, and configurations the Urban Shutter never needs painting or staining, has minimum upkeep, is easy to clean, and didn’t we mention affordable and beautiful.

What you should Know

While being our affordable range this does not compromise on the quality or looks while still achieving  what a tailored finish bespoke shutter should provide. 

With shutters being the most versatile of window dressings , shutters can be used on almost all windows with very few limitations while enhancing the natural beauty of any room or home, whether its a simple finish to your living room or bedroom window or shaped finish to your featured window shutters have it all.

While Classic shutters are aesthetically  the same the materials do have limitations such as colour restrictions , cannot be shaped , panel width restrictions and can only be done as a b- fold option and not mult-fold option for doors.

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