What are Kingston Shutters?

At Starblinds  our Kingston shutters are the elite in wood shutters. The  most versatile , durable , decorative of all the shutters. Options for Kingston are almost limitless, colours available in almost any colour you can  imagine .Natural wood colour finish are exquisite and beautiful to the  eye.Almost any shape can be accomplished  and installed by our  experts.While being light weight  these are extremely tough which makes them the ideal product for almost any situation .From the largest window requiring multi-fold  or tracked options weight is not as issue or single hung which can be over one meter wide in certain louvre size.The versatility knows no bounds for the Kingston.

What you should Know

The Kingston shutter is a 100% solid wood and can  be customise for colour , shape and finish.  

While Kinsgston has it’s own  range of colours and natural wood  finishes, these can also be made in any of the major paint brands colour palettes , this would include the Dulux and Farrow & Ball range  colours  amongst other which are extensive to say the least. 

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