How to fit and operate your Roman blind

Getting Started

You will need

  • A drill with correct bit
  • A crossheaded screwdriver
  • A metal tape measure
  • A pencil
  • Your brackets are packed separately in the box. Please ensure you've located them before disposing of the packaging.
  • The brackets are a universal type that can be used to top fix the blind into a recess or face fix into a frame or a wall.
  • Please read the following instructions carefully before you start fitting your blind.


To fix the brackets

  1. Locate the measuring points you used to calculate the width of the blind. You may be able to use the blind itself as a template.
  2. Ensure the brackets are positioned a suitable distance away from any window handles or obstructions to allow the blind to operate smoothly.
  3. Ideally, position the brackets 5cm in from each end of the head rail. Any additional brackets supplied should be fitted centrally.
  4. Hold a bracket in position and mark where the screws will go, using the relevant holes in the bracket as a guide.
  5. If you're fitting to a wall or lintel, use a drill with the suitable sized bit to make your holes, and push in rawlplugs.
  6. If you're fitting into a wooden frame, screw your brackets into position. You may want to make pilot holes to allow easier fixing of the screws.
  7. Fix the bracket into place with the locking arm facing towards you and repeat on the other side of the blind.


  1. Open the locking arm on each bracket as far as it will go.
  2. Clip the front edge of the head rail over the bracket, at a slight angle away from you, then push up into place at the back.
  3. Push the locking arms across into the closed position and check the blind is secure.
  4. For a neat finish you can pull the fabric away from the rail slightly to hide the lip on the bracket.
  5. For a neat finish you can pull the fabric away from the rail slightly to hide the lip on the bracket.
  6. On a cord operated blind, fit the safety cleat to a wall adjacent to the blind. This safety device must be fitted in line with child safety legislation. For
    specific guidance on this please refer to your Fitting and Using Child Safety Devices leaflet.