Child Safety

IN ACCORDANCE WITH EN16434:2014.  EN16433:2014, EN13120:2009+A12014


The home can harbour many dangers for children but not many people realize that window blinds and curtain cords can be dangerous or even fatal for babies and young children

All blinds supplied & Fitted  By Starblinds conform to safety regulation.Safety devices are supplied with all products and if not fitted may adversely affect the operation of the window blind and protection from strangulation.All safety devices supplied be Starblinds conform to standards.

There is a range of innovative blinds that are child safe

  • Spring operated rollerblinds

  • Wand operated vertical blinds

  • Motorised blinds
  • Hand cranked rollerblinds
  • Shutters



Child-safety devices

Our products that have cords and chains come with child-safety devices. These devices may have breakaway tassels, consolidators or clips that snap under pressure. The child-safety devices must be attached to the wall or the window to a height of at least 1.5 meters from the floor.

  • Our chain operated Rollerblinds, Z-lites/Duo & Romans are provided with  a cleat

  • Our venetian blinds are provided with breakaway cord consolidator and a cleat to wrap excess cord around.
  • Our  Vertical  blinds are wand operated.


 In order for Starblinds to provide the correct child safety device for each product the following  instructions  must be followed:

When measuring blinds three measurements must be taken ,

  1. Exact width of the blind,
  2. Exact drop of the blind
  3.  For child safety the installation height which is regarded as the most important measurement.The installation height is the height at which the blind is to be installed at from the ground/Floor level as all cords should be at 1.5meters from the ground/Floor level.

Starblinds cannot be held liable if for incorrect installation height provided by the buyer

The safety devices must be fitted in accordance with the latest European regulations. It is a mandatory step.


Safety Tips for window blinds


All blinds incorporating looped mechanism in their design can be dangerous were young children are concerned.

  • Please ensure that warning signs on all blinds are ahere too.


  • Never place cots. beds, highchairs, playpens near a window or a patio door were a child can reach a blind cord


  • Keep sofas, chairs tables, shelves or bookcases away from windows to prevent children climbing up and reaching blind cords.


  • Ensure that safety device provided is used at all times.


You can make all your blinds children-safe

If you have existing blinds with chains or cords, you can  make them safe for children by ordering the right hook or cleat.

  • For blinds that operate with chains, you can make use of a safety hook where you can wrap around the chains.

  • For blinds that operate with cords, a safety cleat can be attached to the wall or the window frame at least 1.5 metres from the floor.

Make all your blinds child-safe, you can contact us on 01-8741240 or 01-8788893 for advice and tips on child safety

The manufacturer or installer can not be held responsible for
any misuse of the product or if the operating instructions or
warnings are not adhered too.

Persons in charge of children are ultimately responsible for
following the safety instructions provided