The ideal solution when faced with a dilemma between curtains and blinds. Roman Blinds offer the best of both worlds. They come in a wide selection of fabrics that can enhance any room and complement any decor.Simple and easy to use a luxurious alternative to curtains.

Choose Roman blinds for elegance, style and simplicity. the luxury of a soft furnishing the elegance of desiniger curtain's " Roman" a real design statement. The halfway house between a functional blind and a decorative curtain.

Why we love Roman Blinds

  • Always lined for a high quality finish - standard lining


  • As an extra why not add interlining for that full effect or blackout lining for better light control.


  • Wide¬† variety of fabric types to suit your decor perfectly.


  • Can be matched or co-ordinated with curtains for a layered look


  • Textured jacquards or sumptuous chenille look fabulous in contemporary or traditional surroundings


  • Romans work well in bays as long as there is an individual blind in each separate window pane


  • When a Roman blind is open during the day, there is still a visible stack of fabric waterfall at the top for decoration


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