Why we love Pleated Blinds?

Pleasing to the eye, Pleated Blinds offer the ideal solutions to the modern day conservatory windows. Angle shaped or free hanging, these blinds are the most versatile while still offering beauty and elegance to any window.

Pleated blinds filter the light beautifully, creating a stylish alternative for your windows, and neatly fold away to give maximum control of light in your home.

Sheer pleated blinds are a beautiful. Team 'neat pleats' with lightweight curtains for a soft but streamlined look.

  • Available with a pearlised coating to help keep heat in during the winter and your room cooler when it hots up.
  • Neat pleats give a lovely effect that creates a cosy feel
  • Numerous of  beautiful fashion-led fabrics
  • Can be fully opened to give a clear view of outside


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