PerfectFit® Blinds

Why we love PerfectFit® Blinds?

Perfect fit blinds are a unique innovation in blinds as they can be used in situations were a normal blind just won’t work. These blinds can be used in shaped  roof windows in the  pleated option ,roof velux type  windows as a pleat/ roller , tilt and turn or patio windows as roller, aluminium venetian or pleated blind.The  frames are available in white,brown or golden oak .

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Ideal for conservatories, tilt and turn and skylight windows and doors.

What you should Know

Perfect fit blinds are available in a roller blind, Pleated blind or  25mm Metal Venetian  

PerfectFit® blinds can be fitted into uPVC windows and doors. They clip in-between the beading and glass behind the rubber gasket and are held in place with specially designed brackets, which negates the need for screws. No cords equals inherently child safe also.