Why we should choose Fauxwood Venetians

Fauxwood Venetians are an imitation of real wooden blinds. It is made with materials like vinyl/PVC to better suit humid environments. It is lighter, too, compared to real woods. Fauxwood Venetians are best placed in locations that are typically subjected to wear and tear.Compared to wooden blinds, the Fauxwood Venetians are more durable. These blinds are easier to clean as well. You will never worry that you will damage any of the fine grain of real wood while dusting it off. If you are opting for larger blinds, you may want to choose Fauxwood Venetians because it is lighter. Therefore, you will avoid the struggle when raising or lowering it. It will be easier to manage, too, because larger blinds of Star Blinds have an 'easilift' system. Fauxwood Venetians are the perfect fit if you are looking for blinds that are the economical, inexpensive, and would still give your home a “natural” look.

Trade Secret

Ideal for high moisture area such bathroom, shower rooms and kitchens.

Benefits of Fauxwood Venetians

  • Easy to clean
  • Durability
  • Wide variety of colours
  • String or tape options
  • Can be used on a window to large for normal wood venations
  • Privacy & light control
  • Affordability
  • Larger blinds fitted with Easy-Lift
  • Child safety devices fitted as standard

Why are Fauxwood Venetians different?

The brilliant feature of Fauxwood Venetians that differs it from the other brands in the market is its capability to bring a sense of calm and well-being. The slats are designed to let a plenty amount of natural light, thus avoiding a packed and crowded feel. Fauxwood Venetians also provide privacy with its impressive design that allows you to see the outside, but people can’t see the inside of your room. It is the perfect choice for people living in busy locations, but desires to have privacy but desire to have an airy space.


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