Fauxwood Venetians

Why we love Fauxwood Venetians?

Fauxwood Venetians are an imitation of real wooden blinds. It is made with modern materials like vinyl/PVC to better suit day to day environments. Compared to wooden blinds, the Fauxwood Venetians are more durable. These blinds are easy clean with a baby wipe or damp cloth. They can be manufactured in larger width sizes compare to a normal wood venetian. Available in two finishes, plain or embossed wood grain with an extensive range of colours with variations of multi tonal colour.

Fauxwood Venetians are are perfect if you are looking for blinds that are economical, inexpensive, and would still give your home a “contemporary” look.

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Our featured Fauxwood Venetians

Silver - Dual Shades - StarBlinds Dublin

Fauxwood Venetians


Silver - Dual Shades - StarBlinds Dublin

Fauxwood Venetians


Wood Ven Astral Haze - StarBlinds Dublin

Fauxwood Venetians


Sunwood FW Stratus - StarBlinds Dublin
Stratus Scan

Fauxwood Venetians


Silver - Dual Shades - StarBlinds Dublin
Mission Fine Grain Scan

Fauxwood Venetians

Mission Fine Grain

True Fine Grain close-up
Serene Fine Grain Scan

Fauxwood Venetians

Serene Fine Grain

Pure White - StarBlinds Dublin

Fauxwood Venetians

Cool White Expressions

Why are Fauxwood Venetians different?

Ideal for high moisture area such bathroom, shower rooms and kitchens.

The slats are designed to let in plenty amount of natural light, thus avoiding a packed and crowded feel. Fauxwood Venetians also provide privacy with its impressive design that allows you to see the outside, but people can’t see the inside of your room. It is the perfect choice for people living in busy locations who desire to have privacy but desire to have an airy space.

What you should Know

 Fauxwood venetians are great alternative to wooden blinds in a bathroom as they can withstand high levels of humidity

Yes, in our extensive range, we can offer colour tape variations that completely change the style and aesthetic of the blind and the room.You can choose your tape colour to co-ordinate or contrast the colour of your slats or decor.

Fauxwood venetians are a less expensive option to the real wood while offering the same privacy, aesthetics and light control as real wood.

Fauxwood venetians have a wider range of colour options as they are a man made product. They come in a textured finish ,dual coloured grain finish and plain finish in multiple colours.