• The ideal choice for any home or office.
  • Light control and beauty with a large selection of colours and styles available.
  • Your choice will be made with confidence.


Metal Venetians are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens or any room that's likely to get particularly warm or steamy - especially our wood print finish range which combines the practicality of aluminium blinds with the look of natural wood.

Why we love Aluminium Venetians?

  • Available in up to 3 different slat widths with 115 colourways to choose from
  • Suitable for domestic and commerical use
  • Ideal for everyday use and perfect for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Lightweight,hard wearing and easy to clean
  • Unity Venetians combine wood  look with the aluminium durability for an unusual contemporary concept

Perfect for: Bedrooms and living rooms

  • Privacy. The slats are designed so that you can see the outside, but people can’t see the inside of your room or office. Thus, you can still enjoy some privacy without having to totally close the blinds and shutting off the light.
  • Room suitability. Venetian blinds are the perfect choice if your office or room window is facing the street or frequently passed by strangers or people in general.

Functionality. This type of blinds allows a person to directly control the amount of light entering a room. So you can simply adjust the opening of the window and voila! The intensity of light is at your disposal!

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