Our staff are not only trained professionals with years of experience in the business, we will listen to your ideas and also provide creative input! Do not hesitate to ask them for suggestions to help you choose your dream blinds.


Roller Blinds

Hayworth Warmth - Vertical Blinds - StarBlinds Dublin

Vertical Blinds

Roman Blinds - Impasto Raven - StarBlinds Dublin

Roman Blinds


Fauxwood Venetians

Hazel with Henna Taps - Real Wood - StarBlinds Dublin

Real Wood

Burnt Orange - Perfect Fit Venetian - Aluminium Venetians - StarBlinds Dublin

Aluminium Venetians

Allusion Blinds – StarBlinds, Dublin

Allusion® Blinds

Dual Shade Blinds - StarBlinds, Dublin, Ireland

Dual Shade Blinds

Pleated Blinds - StarBlinds, Dublin, Ireland

Pleated Blinds

Roof Blinds - Beige - StarBlinds Dublin

Roof Blinds

Pleated - PerfectFit Blinds - StarBlinds Dublin

PerfectFit® Blinds


Motorised Blinds